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Kia Battery Service & Replacement in Stamford, CT

Your car battery is a vital component of your Kia — without it, your car won’t turn on and you won’t be able to drive it. The battery will eventually need to be replaced, and you can count on the mechanics at Kia of Stamford to assist you with any battery needs. If you’re unsure of the condition of your battery, a team member will be happy to test it for you. Schedule a service appointment at our dealership in Stamford, CT. If you have any questions, give our service department a call at (203) 871-1092 or send us a message.

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Common Kia Battery FAQ

How can I tell if my Kia needs a new car battery?

Your car will display warning signs that your battery needs replacing soon. Some of these warning signs include:

  • Battery hasn’t been replaced for several years
  • Engine is slow to start
  • Corroded terminals on the battery
  • Various electrical issues
  • Check engine light comes on

What kind of battery does my Kia need?

Kia has a range of sedans and SUVs which all require batteries that provide different levels of power. To be sure of which battery type your Kia needs, contact our service center or parts center to inquire. You can also check your owner’s manual.

How long do car batteries last?

Car batteries typically last between three and five years, however, it depends on a number of factors. For example, frequent usage, especially during short spurts, will drain the battery at a faster rate. Plus, extreme temperatures — on both ends of the spectrum — can affect the battery.

There are actions you can take to extend the battery life, including:

  • Limiting short rides, as short rides don’t allow the battery to fully recharge
  • Make sure to turn off all lights when exiting the vehicle
  • Limit electronic use while idling, such as charging your phone whilst not in use
  • During colder weather, try to park your vehicle in a garage, turn the car on for a few minutes before leaving, and driving for longer than ten minutes 
  • Keep the battery clean by wiping off dirt and corrosion

A genuine Kia Battery

Benefits of Getting a Battery Replacement at a Dealership

Using a genuine OEM battery is important when replacing your battery, as the OEM brand is designed specifically for your make and model. At Kia of Stamford, we have the equipment and expert technicians to handle your Kia with care.

Kia Battery Coupons & Service Specials

We understand that car maintenance can take a financial toll, which is why we offer various Kia battery coupons and service specials for you to take advantage of.

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